How to win Telephonic interviews

How to win Telephonic interviews 

Phone has become an integral part of our modern life, today we spend more time with mobile phone than with our kids, most of the time it is unproductive. The positive side of this is today most of the interviews are taken over phone. As it is more convenient and time saving for both interviewer as well as interviewee.

Though telephonic interview appears simple and convenient it has its own challenges. If not taken properly it may reduce your chance of getting selected for a good role. Telephonic interview is the first faceless interaction with potential employer, you will have to take extra care . Here you will have to project all your ability through your voice modulation and show energy as your body cannot communicate much as it would do during one on one interview process.

Knowing these simple steps would help you better prepare for the telephonic interview and improve your chance of getting hired many fold

How to Take a Telephonic Interview successfully

  • Read Job posting:  understand the job posting and make a list of criteria which meets your skills set and qualification. Also research about the company and know the basic things good and not so good about the organization. Make a note of it and keep this list handy so that you can ref in the process of interview.
  • Prepare for all common phone interview questions: Be ready with the typical qualities like “walk me through your interview” “why do you think you are qualified “ so on and so forth.
  • Use land phone than mobile: land phone are kept in calmer place, will have less background noise and network issues compared to mobile.
  • Avoid dedications and background noises: Get locked into your room and avoid all kind of background noise or TV sounds which may distract the other person. Cooler the place better the concentration. Remember other person is there to judge you in this process don’t give any chance to score you down.
  • Meditate for a 10 min: This is no secret when you need to win you need to focus. Interview is intense process and cool mind will help you control your breath and anxiety which is very much needed to win the competition.
  • Make notes:  Note will help you go back to the points and reconnect, it’s very hard to remember everything in order. Taking note is a good practice and gives confidence to other person about your seriousness and commitment.
  • Listen carefully and respond confidently: It’s important to focus and listen complete and correctly to give appropriate answer. This is much difficult on the phone interview than the in person interview. Speak clearly and appropriate tone with moderate speed.
  • Smile: Your smile can travel through your phone, that doesn’t mean you need to laugh loud; person on the other side can make out your body language even over telephone. Keep positivity in your tone and have energy in your voice.
  • Keep your relevant questions to be asked: Keep your questions related to work and focused. Don’t ask any questions on salary or component of salary in the first interview, you will have plenty of opportunity to deal with money in later stage.
  • Avoid Eating or Drinking:  Chewing gum is not your friend while having a telephonic interview having coffee tea or eating something like chewing gum may not give a good impression.
  • Keep your resume copy in front of you: This is good idea to keep your profile so that you can walk through easily; you can also ref back and forth if any question is asked. In a telephonic interview resume is your face
  • Ask next step and timeline: It’s a good idea before you conclude what is the next step and what timeline, it will give you

Conclusion: Interview is a process of evaluating basic qualities of prospective employer. Preparation is a must whether it is a telephonic interview or in person across the table. More preparation is required in telephonic interview as you will have to express messages only through your voice modulation. Normally initial one or two rounds are taken on telephone; if you are able to impress the other side over phone it would be easy for you to win subsequent rounds easily.

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