How to become a manager, most important managerial skills employer look for

Who don’t want to become manager ? Given an opportunity every fresh graduate would opt for a manager role than an entry level job. However to become a manager one will have to acquire important skills employer look in manager’s role to  to lead a smart teams along with hands on experience. Managerial role is a mid management role where one will have to manage a team of people, process and technology resources to perform its fullest extent.When organization is looking for managerial roles, they would look for certain skills sets that will differentiate you from your team and subordinate, those skills will help you to lead people and  produce results. If you are planning to apply for managerial role here is a list of qualities you should acquire and highlight on your resume, so that it is easy for them to differentiate and you will  shortlisted for next interview. Here we are discussing common skills for managerial role however specific skills will vary depending on your area of work.

Most important Skills employers look in a Managerial Role


Leaders are called leaders because of their ability to communicate, convince their idea to others and get the things done. Manager is responsible to make use of resources effectively, without a great communication this would not be possible as it may leads to ambiguity and confusion at times. This communication skill comprises verbal and nonverbal, affective communication make it life easy in all level and must have a skill for to be a effective leader.

Well informed

A well informed person can take a great decision and inspire his team members. A well informed manager can anticipate challenges and be prepared to face challenges which are likely to come on their way. People look at managers to guide and mentors in a manger is not hands on with experience it would be difficult to gain respect from subordinates and will not be able to lead a team.

Ability to Lead

Gone are the days people use to work just showing authority, a well respected leaders is the one who is able to coach his team well and motivate to perform better. Leader who has to develop a confidence and skills required to deliver performance by continuous guide and mentoring his team members to perform efficiently. Managers will have to identify the strengths and weak area of each individual team members and build upon their strength and help them to overcome weakness.

Decision making ability

Managers should be able to take appropriate decisions according the situation by weighing all the available options and be responsible for their decision. Manager is like a commander his action will have larger consequence to follow, wrong decision may cost a valuable customer to the organization.

Leading Team

Leading people is a very challenging job, making others to work on your tune is not a easy unless you are really gifted with great people management skills. Managers should be able to clearly give directions to the team and be with them to get the things done. Giving direction needs a clarity of purpose, Goal, Timeline and Budgetary aspects in working environment. Keeping all these parameters, manager should be able to guide people and extract work with great efficiency.

Relationship Building

Relationship is all about how you manage response and react, work environment is not different from personal life. Managers have to deal with subordinates, Customers as well as supervisors and other stakeholders. Manager should be able to understand the fine human nature and build relationship with various stakeholders.

Engaging and Motivating:

Managerial role needs a strong commitment and passion for people’s requirements. Gesture could be as simple as patiently listing to team members problem, enquire about the health, motivate with few positive comments, celebrating birthday or small outing for achievement. For customers it could be a small surprise gift and telling them how valuable partner they have been, sending a thank you mail etc. Mode of good gesture may be different to different people, primary goals are to understand the human nature and nurture wherever possible to build on.

There are more leadership qualities like Integrity, Goal focused, lead by example, Take responsibility, Conflict management etc which will make you a complete leader. Today we are discussion what are the bare minimum skills to apply for a managerial role here in this blog.

If you are able to develop these leadership skills and practice in your work environment we are sure you will be able to grab a great leadership opportunity to manage few people and start your leadership journey.

12 more List of Skills to be a successful leader

  • Conflict Resolution & Coordination
  • Creativity
  • Data Driven and Analytical
  • Engagement & Team play
  • Humor & Motivation
  • Integrity
  • Listening
  • Goal Driven
  • Financial Management
  • Negotiating & Networking
  • Planning & Problem Solving
  • Strategy & Change Management

Why this long list of skills

These qualities mentioned is not exhaustive however will give you fair idea what is expected. Looking at these skills set list you can identify the areas where you need to work on your strengths and weak points. Also make use of this list to highlight your resume with appropriate wordings so that the interviewer can easily identify and shortlist you for interview.

Don’t worry if you do not many qualities in you these skills are only for the reference.  I never have seen a leader with all the qualities in one person. Many skills may not be relevant to your field or some of them are nice to have skills which can be acquired over a period of time during your managerial role.

How to build managerial skills?

Though many people claim, overnight people will not become leaders. Its takes time and continuous effort from your side to be a good leader. It is not that you need to be a manager or leader to be build these qualities within you. If you aspire to be manager for next 3 year you can start building these qualities from today itself.

  • Own up responsibility and take new initiatives: no one will give you responsibility if you not reliable, do good job on assigned work and show your ability. Look beyond day and job and try to solve your department’s issues. Best way is to start look for your immediate bosses pain areas and come out with solutions and share workload wherever possible
  • Learn new skills: Learn more expertise in the tools and technique and showcase it to leaders and ask for new responsibility and manager well. It may be as simple as creating a weekly report on behalf of your supervisor. for that you need to sharpen your MS Excel.
  • Work on your strengths and weak areas: Now that you know what are the things required to become a good leader, just do some SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) analysis on yourself and work on your strength and build upon to solve problems of the team. Also work on your weakness, for example if you have a challenge in communication find out a mentor or a course which can help you develop your communication skills, Check out or marketplace where there are good number of course by international leaders on various aspect of communication, which is available as low as $10 to 15

Hope this guide will help you to take on your managerial interview with confidence and leads to success.

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