Silk Thread Jewelry Making Classes

Silk Thread Jewelry Making Classes in Bangalore

We always spend hours in search of matching jewelry for our outfit, but have you ever thought of learning it by yourself.  A wonderful art and skill which will make you happy and satisfied.  Let’s use that search time to create your own jewellery. Sounds good right?

Why don’t we use our creative side of the brain and learn something new in 3 days? Yes you heard it right only 3 days.

Silk Thread Jewelry Making Classes in Bangalore

Attend our silk thread jewellery making classes right from your comfy chair and create wonders. In our class we not only teach you how to make jewellery but also how to sell your creativity.

We conduct Silk Thread Jewellery Making Classes on Weekdays and Weekends. It is 7 -8 hour class. Course covers many varieties of Earrings, Bangles and sets. Course fees include all the material required for the class. You can take home whatever you learn and make in the class. This class is for everyone who want to learn this beautiful art of jewellery making.

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In this Silk Thread Jewelry Making Classes we teach you

  • How and where to buy silk thread jewelry material
  • What kind of embellishments to use
  • What kind of glue we use
  • How to protect our jewelry
  • How to market your products if you are interested in taking this learning to earning

Takeaways from the class

  • Jewelry you make in class
  • Silk thread jewelry making starter kit
  • Tips for Packaging and protecting for longer shelf life
  • Many tips and tricks every step.

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