learn kannada online -Read and Write Kannada

per 6 months

Course Provider : Vidyamruth
Number of  Classes :32  (6+20+6)
Learning Method: Online Video

Medium of Instruction-English

Enrollment Validity: 6 Months



learn kannada online -Read and Write Kannada

Read and Write Kannada: Learn to read and write Kannada from the comfort of your home, anytime of the day.Enroll now and enjoy unlimited access to the course videos 24/7.


This course offers 32 classes divided into 3 sections :

1) Listen and Learn section – consists of 6 classes to get a feel of the language. This includes brief introduction to common words and sentences frequently used in a conversation.

2) Read and Write section – consists of 20 classes. This includes detailed lessons to read and write the alphabets/simple words, kaagunita, ottakshara and numbers.

3) Additional Topics – consists of 6 classes to learn opposites, genders, colors, plurals , animals and birds, Vegetables and Fruits. Revision / Practice session and Worksheet/Exercises are provided at the end of each class.

Enrollment Validity: 6 Months


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