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Manage Workplace Stress & Strike a Balance


Our lives can be filled with daily stressors. Learn to manage stress and strike a better balance in your life.



Our lives are filled with daily stressors & high pressure situations, but it doesn’t have to erode our relationships & health. Don’t let stress silently steal stability & happiness for yourself or others. In this course explore the neuroscience behind stress & learn techniques to help you handle stress & bring your body back to a relaxed state.

The combination of ambition & “always on” technology is often a big source of stress & can leave us wondering exactly where to draw the line. Sometimes we get frustrated when the scale tips too heavily in one direction, but actually achieving work-life balance takes effort. In this course we’ll share some tools & techniques that you can use to help you strike a better balance.

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the physiology of stress
  • Practice ways to manage that stress & relax
  • Understand how to strike a better work-life balance & get things done
  • Find your priorities in life & in work
  • You will need Adobe Acrobat to download PDFs
  • You will need internet access. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari are preferred browsers to open links to interactive lessons


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