5 Key things to get a job other than MBA course


Everyone who is coming just out of college has only one thing to achieve! That is get into a “Good IT company” and settle. This is more of a mindset than a real life situation, the reality inside the IT organizations are different! Whatever said and done that is the flavor of the decade so we really can’t blame anyone but our self. Today I am planning to touch upon few best practices which can increase your job potentials immensely.

1) Be patient:

Patience is the rare materials we get to see in these Y generation, I must say this the one element which has been in down trend at least for last 25 years. I am sure I am sounding your parents here! But the point I am focusing here is, there is whole world is waiting for a person who has a right stuff with him/her so don’t be in hurry ! use your time to improve your axe .

So Invest your time to develop and enhance some of your personal ability do basic SWOT (Strengths Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) on yourself and try to improve on your weak areas and build on strengthen and work on opportunities, I am sure at least 95 % for the people that includes me patient is an weakness! So have a complete plan to work on that I assure you patience not only win your dream job but life!

2) Be little creative in your approach:

We all think we are all very creative and we know the solution to every problem, but the reality is we are unable to find a solution to some of the basic problems within us . Creativity is finding a new way to solve a pain which other people have not cracked yet. I agree every one cannot be creative but could try to be different, try to be so different in approach that disruptive innovation happens in that. Here in this case Creativity need not be a solving Bangalore traffic but it could be as simple as solving your basic skill needs which is critical in job interviews and how quickly you can fill those gaps.

3) Commitment:

This is another commodity which is very rare and expensive in these days. Here very important thing is committing to yourself is important than anyone else. If you are committed to learn before go to interview that is enough. Prepare before some ones meeting that is nice. Show your commitment at every opportunity available to you, don’t just go an say I am from bla bla institute that is why I am worth for hiring! I never seen any training course for commitment , this is one thing you have to internally develop and overcome , some mind cleaning and yoga training would help you here

4) Little more effort on a right place:

Remember you are among the Nth person the interview meet. Why should you be selected! ? Try to understand the whole new generations of challenge of customers, Keep yourself aware of challenges faced in leadership level currently the interviewer would be facing. Articulate in such a way you are in charge of the situation and really solved the problem. Here theory do not work go with some real experience where you have put your heart and soul for at least 6 month. Take some online course, there are number of course available free . Understand management a bit in practical scenario than what you learned in MBA Course

5)Be honest:

Interviewers have been seeing sugar quoted worlds for a while; I hate those I am sure you too, people love to see the truth. Gone are the days where interview was kind of a orchestrated drama where good actor gets selected. Today its more of real and personal level discussion and what values you carry than a body which acts according to pre written scripts.

Please write back to me on your views i love to here you!


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