How to introduce yourself in a Job Interview?

How to introduce yourself in a Job Interview?

We all know that first impression is the best impression ever. Its is very important to know how to introduce yourself in a job interview to a interviewer when you meet them first time. The way you start your conversation and introduce yourself and make a first impression can decide your interview results to large extent. Most of the interviews make their judgment about you in or out within first few minutes of the meeting, other things are just a procedural.

For some people this art of introduction comes naturally and they are very successful in impressing people in the first instances. Many people may not have that exposure, such people  should prepare themselves with little more effort to win interviewers attention.

During job interview you would meet many people, most likely you will start with receptionist, then  hiring manager and couple of more if you are interviewed for senior role.

What to Say When You Arrive at the Interview

The first person whom likely you are going to meet is the person who welcome you on the lobby is receptionist, (normally beautiful lady in western countries, In India mostly security person sitting in receptionist chair). Just walk up to the person can say “hay my name is John Clark I have interview scheduled with Jennifer Lopez at 9:15 am, do I have any process to complete?”, She is likely to ask you to write down your name and contact in the visitor register and will issue a  temporary pass.

When you meet a Hiring manager how to introduce yourself

Normally you will be escorted to interview room or recruitment manager’s cabin, first thing is to offer shake hand and tell him nice to meet you this morning with a smile on your face. And be sure to have eye contact with interviewer, for example, “this is John its pleasure to meet you this morning, how are you doing today “

Keep your palm dry and clean before you walk to interviewer, let them not know that you are already sweating inside!

Its always advisable to keep your introduction short and sweet so that it keeps interviewers interest. Quick recap of what you are as an individual and little about your education background and some extracurricular activity which should define you as a person. Overall it should reflect your personal and it should take more than 3 minutes, don’t do overboard .

Here your objective is to connect interviewer personally and show you have all the  right qualification and attitude to handle the job. Show energy and be enthusiastic about the organization and the role, Show your commitment and be clear about why you are the right fit, showcase what interviewer is looking for don’t overdo it.Don’t get into detailed introduction as later stage you will have an opportunity if selected for next round, interviewer will have a limited time and objective to complete

Follow up questions

Start a conversation with a positive note and be prepared to have a follow up questions, and be ready with facts and figures if needed. As much as possible be specific and avoid generic answers, give examples how effectively you are able to manage your college or academic projects or previous experience

Keep manners and Positive attitude

Regardless of your position you are appearing manners matters a lot. From the staring of the interview to till end it is very importent to keep your good gestures and manners throughout the meeting.  Remember your body speaks a lot, have that in control. Finally do not forget to thank the interviewer for their time and good interaction you had.

Tips and Tricks better introduction

Don’t assume your interviewer knows all about you and took time to read your resume; generally they have a very less attention spans. Many interviews come with very less preparation and simply ask the basic questions like “tell me something about you”.  So take this and present your case effectively, focus on relevant aspect of the job interview.

Practice :  Prepare what you are going to say, if required practice in front of the mirror couple of time till you are confident.

Body language; your body speaks more than what you would, stand up straight and good body posture will help you to confident and present yourself effectively.

Keep Confidence: Have a confidence and keep eye contact , it’s ok you can take turns but having eye contact gives more confidence, Smile wherever is possible.

Voice modulation: Don’t assume people know your name keep your voice clear and loud enough depending on the audience, too low or too loud, it should be clear and easy to hear.

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