Top 10 Skills in demand for future job seekers

Everyone needs the best job in IT company, however most of us job seekers  do not know how to go about it and what skills take us there. IT space  is a very dynamic and ever changing industry that demands frequent skill set upgrades. Here is a some of the common questions we have been frequently asked by the learners as an edu tech enabler is

Which technology is going to last for long ?

What is the future of IT industry ?

What should I upgrade to be relevant for next 5 years!?.

To be honest it is very difficult to predict what will fetch you better .. it all depends on your commitment and focus off course little bit of Luck as well!

As per the Linked in (popular social network site) study Technology space is going to grow many fold, according to their study report globally IT space is going to grow better than any other space. The report suggest the list of top 10 skills sets which will have a better chance of getting hired in coming days.

If you are in computer and technology space you could align yourself and dream for working big companies like Google and Microsoft , what you need to do is just align yourself to any of the below domain

Top 10 Certification for 100K Salary in 2020-Short Courses video 

Top 10 Skills are in demand for next 5 years- Global Level

1. Cloud Computing

2. Statistical Data Analysis

3. Web Architecture and Development framework

4. Middle ware and integration software

5. User Interface design (UI Design)

6. Networking and Information Security

7. Mobile development

8. Data Presentation


10. Storage System and Management

Top 10 Skills are in demand for next 5 years in  India

  1. Cloud Computing and Distributed computing
  2. User Interface Design
  3. Web Architecture and Development framework
  4. Storage System and Management
  5. Statistical Analysis and Data mining
  6. Algorithm Design
  7. Network and Information Security
  8. PR and Communication
  9. Economics
  10. Public Policy and International Relations

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