How To Create An Impressive Fashion Design Portfolio


A full guide to creating and presenting your fashion portfolio for entry into university, art college or job interviews.


How To Create An Impressive Fashion Design Portfolio

What you’ll learn
  • How to create a fashion design portfolio to enable you to provide visual evidence of your artistic capabilities and distinguished identity
  • Understand the importance of your portfolio as a communication tool to positively influence universities and employers
  • Understand what universities and employers want to see in your portfolio in order to help them understand your artistic flare
  • Know what elements of your work to include in your portfolio and what to exclude
  • Assess your fashion portfolio against a checklist of essential elements to make your work stand out
  • Recognise where your fashion design portfolio needs to improve and how to do it
  • Learn what mistakes to avoid when submitting your work for review.


Make sure your fashion design portfolio stands out and demonstrates the artistic skills, talents and visual communication abilities you have.

This course will help:

  • Fashion students at all levels
  • People going through the application process for a university or college course in fashion design or a fashion related course
  • People applying for a job in the field of fashion where a portfolio is required as part of the interview process
  • Mature students, those on a GAP year and people in a job who want to ensure their portfolio is of the best standard it can be

After completing the course:

By successfully completing this course you can ensure that your portfolio works for you and inspires and impresses those that view it, showing off your unique and real talents. It will increase the chances of you landing your fashion design job or entry into the university or college course you dream of.

Duration – the course will take about 1.5 hours to complete.

Structure – you’ll be guided by a tutor who has both fashion design and teaching experience and is a gifted designer in her own right, able to pass on her experience to you.

Materials – you will receive complimentary key learning point sheets, a portfolio check-sheet as well as personal goal plans and action planner for use during and after you have completed the course.

Tutor Support – your tutor is on hand to call upon for any support you need and to help you to make the most of the course and the time and money you have invested.

Student Discussions – the course includes an opportunity to join in with other students and discussions relating to the creation of your fashion portfolio.

Life Time Access – you have lifetime access to the course so there’s no need to feel that you have to complete it within a few days. Start and finish when it suits you knowing that if for any reasons you can’t complete it in one go you can always finish it later.


The course will not teach you how to draw so if you have no artistic skills or need to develop your fashion drawing techniques then you should choose one of my other courses.



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