Advice and Guidance on Choosing a Career in Fashion Design

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Essential information and supporting tools to help you get started on the path of a career in fashion design.


Advice and Guidance on Choosing a Career in Fashion Design

What you’ll learn
  • A better understanding of the range of fashion career opportunities that are available in the field of fashion.
  • Have a clearer insight into what type of career you might like to follow.
  • Know what you can do to prepare yourself even before you have finished education at school.
  • Complete a simple career goal plan to help you follow a path in your chosen fashion career options.
  • Identify sources of support to help you fulfill your ambitions along the way.
  • Prove to prospective employers or universities that you are committed to developing your skills and knowledge around fashion.
  • Become more motivated and inspired to take fashion as your career choice and fulfill your dreams.

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Get a head start in your fashion career. The perfect short course for students at all levels. This free, short, online course will give you guidance to start your career in fashion design. The essential tool for anyone starting out or planning a career in fashion design.

You are considering entering into the field of fashion. We focus primarily on fashion design but the course will help anyone who wants a better understanding of the fashion industry and tools to help prepare themselves.

You’ll get to create your own career planner to guide you in the early steps in your career. You will create an action plan that will lead help lead you to a fulfilling and successful career.

Your course helps you to avoid making costly mistakes in your education and fashion career. We’ll teach you how to check what your most suited to in your fashion career.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone that is interested in choosing a career in fashion design.



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