Improve memory: How To Develop An Awesome Memory


Guinness memory record breaker and US Memory Champion shows how to hugely improve memory using easy to learn techniques

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Improve memory: How To Develop An Awesome Memory

David Thomas, a Guinness memory record breaker and US Memory Champion, shows you how to improve your memory.

He believes in the mantra “when we laugh, we learn” so the course is humourous and light hearted.

Alongside this fun approach to learning lies a series of powerful techniques that will dramatically improve your memory. David has honed his strategies through 20 years of application at the highest level in memory competitions and breaking memory records.

The lessons are easy to learn and in small bite sized chunks.

The course contains techniques that you will be able to apply at home and work to learn new information, pass exams and get promoted.

You will discover how to memorise names, numbers, lists, presentations, traffic directions, foreign languages, exam information and much more.

You will uncover the power of Mind Mapping, how to use repetition effectively and maintain massive recall of information you have learned.

So, get signed up now to this life changing course and unleash the memory you so richly deserve.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wishes to improve their memorisation skills with easy but powerful techniques.

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