7 Basic Successful interview Tips

How to differentiate yourself during Job interview

In this article I am trying to re emphasize basic thing which makes huge difference to project you as a prospective candidate. Following these simple steps judiciously will get you new job for sure !

1. Be confident and show energy

A good start with warm Greeting! followed with firm handshake will give a right signal to people on the other side of the table. Now you are on the stage make the most of it, remember every one love the energy. 

2. Dress up appropriately

Choose the professional cloths where you are comfortable as well as look professional. Don’t go overboard on mini and micros if you are not able to manage. Get in to the best cloths what you have and ensure it is clean and neatly pressed. You need not buy a expensive new clothes just for interview purpose, always  maintain professional look. Remember dressing up is for your confidence not to impress the other person.

3. Should be on time (no excuses please)

Plan your interview schedules, distance and location well in advance so that you reach at least 30 minutes before the schedule. Have a alternate mode of transport if possible like a cab or bike ride to ensure you are on time. Remember to have buffer of 15 minutes to discover the office within huge IT corridors, as these days office complexes are huge and multi storied,  it is easy to loose your direction in the campus.

4. Prepare well and know about the organization

First thing you should know the organization before you land there for interview. Little research on the organization, the service what they offer and their competitors if possible. More you know about the organization and its value you have a better chance of impressing people during the interview.

5. Participate and  listen carefully

Listeners are the one who learns fast, this is the most important part of any conversation. Give attention to the details and try to answer carefully. If you are not very clear there is nothing wrong in  re confirming your understanding before you start answering.

6.Answer to the point to the best of your ability

Question can be open ended or closed align your answer and keep  to the point as much as possible. Don’t beat around the bush and try to cover too many things which you know little. Wherever you are strong if it is related you can add some sweetness to it but not too much, balancing is the key.

7. Know your resume well and relate

This is the common mistake many people do looks silly but reality. Know your resume well and understand what you have written. Most of the interviews refer your resume and ask you to explain your achievements. This is an opportunity where you can get little extra point if you are able to show them your involvement and success.

Have clear examples backed with a story; little number here and there will add credentials to your story. Be realistic as interviewer would be more experience in recognizing the realistic and unrealistic achievements, their antenna is designed to catch you there .


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