6 Mistakes to avoid as a startup entrepreneur

6 Mistakes  to avoid as a startup entrepreneur

Mistake is part of our life every one do it, as an individual this is a source of learning and growth. However, problem is when you don’t learn and repeat the same mistakes it’s a disaster , as a start up entrepreneur one has to keep mistake minimum to have a great success

Doing repeatedly same thing and expect different results

Most of us do this mistake more than once, If you want a different results you need to try different things, doing a same thing repeatedly do not produce different results. If you are not sure which one is the right path and where to go that is when you need to try different things to get better results. Remember commonsense is not common!

Expecting good advice from every one

Think before asking, ask only whom you know well and understand your situation. Once you get advice try to follow to certain extent it will help you to grow and remember to thank them for the advice.

Many people have a habit of asking suggestions and advice whenever they are in doubt. Asking others for advice is a good thing however, you are the owner of your own destiny others do not really understand your unique situation. Their advice may not work for your situation you better come up with your own solution.

Expecting Instant result

Today we see many younger generations think that they can produce result instantly. No it’s not going to work like that (though there is some exception may be luck of fluke)  Don’t expect instant result, do your duty and allow it to grow , remember business is like a sapling  a seed it take time and effort to give fruits.  Today I am writing this blog not to create a overnight publicity but to keep people engaged over long time. Anything is worth, needs to be planned well in advance and worked through to produce a good result. Remember a simple rule,  multiply time and money what you budgeted by two and divide your customer projection by two .Plan your survival till than  you will succeed.

Problem is with other not me!

This is a typical problem of younger generations today. Problem is with other not with me! Project is failing  because of someone did something and we are closing down. This is a common answer I get when I am with startup circle. I rarely meet a leader who said I goofed up and it was my mistake . Taking responsibility is the biggest thing you can do when things go wrong .  When you take responsibility you are empowered to bring it back and you are in complete control of situation. This mistake costs many people a dream of their life !.

Trying to change others !

Let me admit I make this mistake very frequently, try to change some one (off course with a good intention). This do not work, people will change only when they feel the need. Its better you align your thoughts learn to work with them. Believe me results will be fantastic and your will be appreciated.

Pleasing everyone

People try to impress every one and keep them in good books. You will get to meet such people everywhere in office,  parties etc. This strategy does not work for long in startup environment. Try to be as straightforward as much as possible, diplomacy is good but pleasing is not. It is impossible to please everyone all the time if you want to be really living your life the way you want. Some people take advantage of this and bring you bad name as well.

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