10 Essential Skills to Grow Faster than your Friends

We are in a fast moving Knowledge economy; everyone is trying for a job and move up the ladder faster than the others.

These 10 skills will make all the difference in your Job Interview.

  1. Enthusiastic & Motivation:  Today’s working life faces many challenges, employers are looking for smart and motivated candidates.
  • Web technologies:  Online is a life line for many businesses, One cannot afford to be ignorant about web technology. You may not be expert but working knowledge is minimum expected.
  • Creativity & Problem Solving:   This is the one area where still computers are way behind human brains. Creativity leads to innovations in grabbing attentions of costumers. If you have a creativity you are YOU are in DEMAND.
  • Leadership Qualities :   If you want to grow fast you need to Lead first. Your interpersonal skills, Agility, and ability to plan , organize ,delegate and motivate team will take you to next level.
  • Video and Audio Creations :  We are in a viral age, every business is looking for someone to tell their story better, smarter and shorter ways to customers. If you  master these expertise, you will grow faster.
  • Public Speaking & Communication: Successful leaders are great orators, IF you are able to communicate your ideas to group clearly you are in demand.
  • Team work and Collaboration:  The word “WE” is more power than “I”. In the inter depended and connected world team work and collaboration skills will make you valuable resource.
  • Great work Ethics : In this Global work from Home environment, Integrity and work ethics will play a key role in deciding your future. Take responsibility and live by  example.
  • Agility: Ability to adopt to new idea, technology and people are the essential element   for growing in your career.
  •  Business Acumen: This is about knowing how a particular  business works and what is the business model.

Finally to sum up ,

In this competitive technological era, You will NOT get hired just for your education or technical skills. One will have to develop multiple skills with good business understanding.  With a focused effort these skills can be learned and applied in a year’s time.

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