Winning College Scholarships for High Schoolers


Find your first scholarship, win thousands of dollars, and get a great return on your higher education investment!

  • Lectures       100
  • Video            5 Hours
  • Skill Level    All Levels


Winning College Scholarships for High Schoolers – Course Description

This 5-hour video course is for every high school student and parent who wants to know how they are going to ever pay for college!

It’s designed so that YOU will win Free Money to pay for college in the form of college scholarships that are a perfect fit for YOU!

There are thousands of college scholarships out there. How will you sift through them? Which ones are worth your time and effort, and which are just a waste of time? Once you find them, how do you apply to win? What can your family do to significantly UP your chances of winning a highly-competitive, highly-valuable top scholarship and to REDUCE the amount you pay out-of-pocket for college?

By taking this course, you’ll be on the road to earning thousands of dollars in college scholarships. It’s our goal to teach you how to find those thousands of dollars and claim them for yourself, before the other kids get to them first!

This well-organized 5-hour video course includes sections on:

  • Finding College Scholarships and Narrowing Your Scholarship List
  • Applying For and Winning College Scholarships
  • Alternative Financial Aid Options
  • End-of-Section Quizzes to Increase Comprehension
  • Additional Relevant Articles in PDF format
  • Bonus Section!

Start this course today before deadlines disappear and scholarship opportunities evaporate. Paying for college will be in the top-10 decisions of your financial life – don’t put it off another moment.

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What are the requirements?

  • No materials are required – just your computer, a connection to the internet, and your time!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 100 lectures and 5 hours of content!
  • Win free scholarship money for college expenses
  • Identify scholarships that are right for you
  • Overcome self-doubt and actually apply for scholarships
  • Craft polished college-scholarship applications
  • Pass end-of-section comprehension quizzes
  • Beat your competition and win real scholarship money!

What is the target audience?

  • This video course is meant for college-bound high school students and parents who intend to commit significant effort to finding and securing college scholarships to save their family money on the high cost of higher education.
  • This course is also meant for students and parents who may be interested in learning more about their scholarship options.
  • This course may NOT be for families who are not concerned about the cost of college tuition or for high school students who are 100% sure they will NOT be applying to any colleges or universities.


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