How to create engaging online courses for your employees

Teaching employees through online

Online is the future for learning: A smart entrepreneur would utilize online learning services for training their employees it is easy and cost effective. Though it looks very simple from outside online learning may go wrong if there is no proper design and implementation structure.  We will discuss few important elements that makes a good online training for any Internal learning.

Understanding the audience

Any learning is successful only when it is delivered to right audience at right time, online learning is not different. While designing one has to define audience clearly and understand their experience and maturity level. You need to consider the background and learning habits as well. Once you are clear about the maturity level and the age demographics create a content which they can understand easily. Online learning is successful only when learners are interested in learning.

Course Structure

Online learning is all about user experience and perception to certain extent as any other online business. Content should be easily understandable in a structured way. Each connected topics should flow in right manner so that the concept is clear. Every slide should be clearly marked with heading and sub heading to show the main topic and subtopic which slide is covering and link back to overall structure of the content.

Keep things simple and to the point

Simplicity rules online business, anything complicated and highly jargonized will not work. Take an example of Amazon, it really simplifies shopping process, anyone can understand and buy products with ease.  Here concept should be told like a Story with visual effects. Complicated examples and only theory will push learners to lose interest.

Make use of subject matter experts:

Courses should be designed by subject matter experts only. It is proven; only an experienced person can explain things with ease. While designing courses ensure it is designed and reviewed by experts, if need be delivery could be managed by others who has better oratory.

Make it Interactive:

Online learning environment is bit different from classroom, as personal interaction will be very less and there will not be any jokes to crack. Courses should be designed in such a way that it’s highly engaging. To make it interactive you can include quizzes and small video clips in your course material. Discussion and social forum would be great way of collaborative and engage learners better.

Any time any where learning

Beauty of online learning is flexibility; Learners are free to learn on their own time. Make it in such a way that they can even take up training while returning from office. It’s simply saves time, energy and money. While preparing the course, one has to design in such a way that it is accessible in all devices mobile, tab and desktop and readily available 24*7.

My Take:

Online learning is here to stay, as an entrepreneur one can use many readily available platform to teach employees. Carefully created course will have more engaged learning experience with employees and will help to improve the bottom line. It may be bit difficult to transition over to online environment however its worth taking up.

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