Best Handwriting class in Bangalore by KRIRA

Best Handwriting class in Bangalore

Handwriting is the most crucial part of one’s personality. As unimportant as people say it is, handwriting defines one’s character. The neat handwriting wins you love and praises while a bad one makes you seem messy and unorganized. It’s incumbent to train yourself with your handwriting at the early age but at the same time it’s never too late to do that. Each one of us share a unique handwriting and that’s what makes it special, be it a signature or a sentence.

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There is always scope and opportunity if one wants to improve their handwriting. Be it, children or adults. Various well-experienced tutors provide classes to improve handwriting. But if we speak of the best experience and fruitful results, KRIRA is here for you! From one of the best tutors get the change you need to make your handwriting immaculate. Your cognitive processes stimulating better than before!

Handwriting enhances the functionality of the brain. Since writing in good handwriting involves more cognitive and complex motor skills, the grey matter in the brain gets activated. A person’s handwriting delineates how he/she perceives the formation of alphabets, the clarity of which contributes to fluent reading. One can never deny the fact that good handwriting plays a crucial role in scoring grades and marks in paper-based examinations. Neat handwriting with well-drafted alphabets is important not only for children but also for adults in all professions. It also helps to keep the person reading it happy and contented.      

 Learn and have fun with this unique experience and secure a fruitful future for yourself.

About  Teacher: Divya Sanghvi – 9880457646

With all heart and soul I present to you all “KRIRA”

Hi there! I am Divya, the founder of “KRIRA”

I am an experienced teacher based in Bangalore with teaching experience of 10 years. For the past 5 years I have been passionate and focused about PHONICS which helps kids to strengthen their vocabulary with stories, worksheets and activity based fun games. My key focus is not only adoption of concepts but also ensuring that my students embrace them in day to day life.  I believe in saying ‘To teach is to touch lives forever’ and with this belief I provide my students and parents a safe space to grow and enrich their learning experience .

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