Essential Guide To Make Money With Apps: How I Earn $5000/Mo


Earn passive income and achieve financial freedom by creating an app business on the side with no programming skills

  • Lectures      81
  • Video           6 Hours
  • Skill level    All level
  • Languages  English


Course Description

Having an extra $5,000 of monthly income would improve anyone’s life. As simple as that.

Owning a side business that generates this type of profit could be the difference between achieving the financial freedom that would enable you to do what you love vs being stuck with a 9:00 to 5:00 job. With over 2,500 students signing up to this course in the first 3 days, it is very clear this is important to most people. The good news is that you don’t need to quit your job or be a single 20-something year old computer savvy to achieve this. It’s actually quite simple, once you know how to do it.

Most people have struggled making money in the iOS App Store and Google Play in recent years due to the amount of competition. They spend time, energy and money developing an app but when they upload it the returns are nowhere near what they were expecting.

What if I told you there is another way? What if I told you that right now there is a small amount of very smart people that are making A LOT of money with very minimum investment by approaching the app business differently? What if I told you that in just four months you could be one of them simply by following a bulletproof step-by-step guide that has been tested time and time again and proven to work on every occasion, would you be interested in learning it?

Well, if you are then look no further – This course will teach you how!

This course is straight to the point and will provide you everything you need, no beating around the bush or repeating the same thing with different words. With an average of4.94 stars, over 100 ‘5-star’ ratings, and ranked as one of the top selling courses in Entrepreneurship you can be confident that the content you are getting is first class. In 7 quality packed hours you will learn what the successful appreneur’s mindset is and which is the strategy that you need to follow. This is an approach that for years has been developed, tested and perfected by the most successful app developers in the world. I have talked to them, listened to them and become one of them. And now it’s your turn.

If you are willing to dedicate 20-25 hours a week, I can personally guarantee that in just 4 months you will be making at least $5,000 a month and working no more than 10 hours a week.

How can I be so sure? Well, I have been developing apps for almost 2 years now. Around 6 months ago, after a lot of research, trial-and-error and exploration, I finally came up with an app business model that seemed very profitable. I implemented it and in just 4 months I was making more than $6,000/month and putting in less than 10 hours of work a week. I have taught this strategy to other people since then and every single one has seen similar success.

But don’t just listen to me, listen to what some of the 3,700+ satisfied students in the course have said:

“I have spent at least a few thousand on Udemy courses about app development, whether it be outsourcing or creating apps yourself. This is by far THE BEST course I have ever taken on Udemy and I am so happy that I came across it. I know it will be life changing. I have learned so much about outsourcing, marketing, ASO/SEO, etc. Diego doesn’t just spout out information at you, he shows you each step required. He is also extremely motivational. If you’re on the fence about buying this course, BUY IT! It will be the best decision you’ll ever make. Thank you Diego for making this course! :)”

– Dimitri Michalakis, 5/5 stars

“For someone like me who is thinking to start designing app since some years and always stopped for lack of resources (mainly money to invest, a team and the knowledge), this course is a real revolution!!
Following these lessons I started to think to this business in a totally different way, meditating on all the possibilities I missed until now and how I can approach them in the next few months to make my dream a reality.
I always thought that I had to learn programming and mobile design, and that I had to find a great idea to invest month of my life on and… bla bla bla… all of these became huge obstacles in my mind.
Now I learned from Diego that I should focus on marketing and analysis (which are already two of my skills) and leave tech stuff to outsourced developers, starting with basic simple apps that could sell well today and maybe give me the cashflow to develop more complex apps tomorrow.
Thank you Diego for showing me the way!”

– Enrico Frascati, 5/5 stars

“I have been looking for a way to learn to create my own apps. Diego has shown me a way to do that without having to learn how to code or program. This course is very well designed and presented, and is for anyone wanting to learn how to create apps with or without any experience in app making. He gives lots of tips and suggestions from his own experiences and lots of resources for the students as well. Thank-you very much Diego :)”

– Harvey Stewart, 5/5 stars

Some of the things you will learn in this course are:

  1. The mindset of the successful appreneur
  2. The strategy that will take you to guaranteed success
  3. Organize yourself and your business
  4. Come up with great, successful app ideas
  5. Decide on a target audience and niche that is profitable
  6. Outsource work cheaply so you can focus on the important things that make you money
  7. Create and manage a team that works for you
  8. How to best monetize your apps to significantly increase revenue
  9. Access to a course on App Store Optimization in both the iOS App Store and Google Play
  10. Market your apps for free and with very little effort
  11. Manage your time, get motivated and fight procrastination
  12. Bonus: List of recommended articles and books for further readings; list of 100 app ideas

And this is just a small sample of some of the things you will get from this course, by the end you will have everything you need to get started and become a truly successful appreneur.

No matter who you are, if you know how to program or not, if you are good with computers or not, if you are a teenager with no business experience or an experienced professional, what you will learn here will make you successful.

I am very passionate about teaching and I will personally respond to any questions you may have as you go through the course. DO NOT think that once you enroll you are on your own, the videos may last around 7 hours but the course keeps on going. Join the community, hear other students’ success and share your own! I would love to hear from you.

Just think about this: The course is $249. That is around $14 or $15 a week for 4 months and in 4 months you will be earning around $1,250 a week from your app business. If that is not a good investment, I don’t know what is. Plus, I am so confident in the quality of this course that if you do not get results in the first 30 days after you purchase it you will get all of your money back, no questions asked! So, what are you waiting for to get started? Enroll now and allow me to show you the way.

Thank you again for reading; I’m sure I will hear from you soon,

Diego Guajardo

What are the requirements?

  • Own a computer
  • Have access to the internet
  • Have an open mind and be willing to learn a different approach to make money
  • Have the desire to build a business and make money

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 81 lectures and 6 hours of content!
  • Understand the mindset of successful individual app developers
  • Make money with apps and almost no investment
  • Choose profitable niches and target audiences
  • Get inspiration for app ideas
  • Organize yourself and your business
  • Outsource work
  • Create and manage a team that works for you
  • Optimize applications for searches in the app stores
  • Market the apps for free to boost downloads
  • Get motivated and learn ways to be productive and avoid procrastination

What is the target audience?

  • This course is meant for people that want to start a business on the side that will earn them a considerable amount of income a month and/or for students that currently have apps in the app stores and want to increase revenue. No prior programming, design, or business knowledge is required.
  • This course is probably not for people who want to get rich quick without too much effort or for people who love spending time developing apps and want to upload extremely well polished apps.


Section 1: Introduction
Course Objective


A Little Bit About Me


Course Outline


Section 2: Opportunities In The App Stores
App Store vs Google Play


The Old Game vs The New Game


Section 3: What Should Your Strategy Be?
Upload Many


Upload Fast And Simple
Pareto’s Principle
Optimize Better, Market Better
Section 4: Choosing The Right Niche, Audience And Theme
Defining Your Target Audience


Where To Go?
Other Places To Go
Where Is The Money?
Final Thoughts
Section 5: Deciding On An App Idea
Old School Games


Top Charts
Your Competition
Your Own Apps
Section 6: The Power Of Re-Skinning
What Is It?


Is It A Good Idea?
Why Do Most People Don’t Do It?
Section 7: Organize Your Ideas
Pre Development Form
More Forms
Use Trello
Section 8: Plan And Schedule
Why Is It Important?
The Plan
The Schedule
Section 9: Outsourcing
Why Should You Outsource?
What To Outsource?
Where To Find Designers And Programmers
What To Do Once You Find Them
Outsource To Designers
Outsource To Programmers
Outsource Design Without Designers
Get Code Already Written
Outsource Audio
Live Demo
Section 10: Create And Manage A Team
Why Should You Have A Team?
You Are A Manager, Not A CEO
How Much To Pay
Section 11: Re-Skinning Revisited
How To Do It
Section 12: Monetizing The App
Monetization Models


Look At Your Market
Consumable In-App Purchases
Non-Consumable In-App Purchases
In-App Advertising (Part 1)
In-App Advertising (Part 2)
More Monetization Models
4 questions
Section 13: Case Study: Trivia Apps
The Good Things


Anticipate Trends
Section 14: App Store Optimisation
App Store Optimization
1 page
Section 15: Marketing
Twitter (Part 1)
Twitter (Part 2)
Other Online Marketing
Social Calls To Action
Promote Within Your Apps
4 questions
Section 16: Case Study: Ketchapp
Ketchapp (Part 1)


Ketchapp (Part 2)
Ketchapp (Part 3)
Section 17: Should I Update My Apps?
Should I Update My Apps?
Section 18: Be Productive And Manage Your Time
Wellness Of Body
Wellness Of Mind
Fight Procrastination
Spend Time On What Really Matters (Part 1)
Spend Time On What Really Matters (Part 2)
Section 19: Where To Go From Here…
Where To Go From Here…
Section 20: Bonus
List Of App Ideas
18 pages
List Of Recommended Articles
4 pages
List Of Recommended Books
1 page
ASO Cheat Sheet
1 page
Pre Development Form
1 page
Progress Document
1 page
24 slides
Full curriculum


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