How to Grow Faster Than Your Peer!

How to Grow Faster Than Your Peer

Gone are the day’s people used to stick to one company till their retirement, today everyone is looking at fast growth. Today people go beyond their comfort zone to achieve what they have been dreaming for. People are becoming more and more creative and started taking risks for reward. Today average age of a CEO is reduced to 40s than 60s in decade ago. Growth is a natural phenomena and healthy sign of prosperity. Remember overnight no one can start flying; knowledge with hands-on expertise along with systematic effort will take you there . There is no right or wrong way to grow fast, it’s just few pointers which could help your endeavor ..
Start with a Good Plan

Well planed is half done as the say goes.. one has to plan to achieve something. Without a plan success is just a fluke, A realistic plan will help you to be focused and motivated as you achieve small goalposts. Start with end result in mind and work backwards with time line, Identify major milestone which is precursor to milestone, Envisage challenges you are likely to face over a period of time. prepare well, Identify area where you can work parallel and save time. Be focused and flexible enough to face new roadblock on the way.

Equip yourself with what it takes to be

Equip yourself with latest technology in your field, anyone who is in the race without sharpening his axe sure to fall short. Spend little time in identifying right skills you would need for not only current job even next job. Invest right on training and mentoring, TrainingsTree could be good help in this, take time to upgrade yourself. Test the live environment what you have learned.

Connect with People around

Develop network with all kind of people who are potential influencers. Develop a good rapport within your team. Find an opportunity to connect other team and project yourself in a professional way. Build your circle of influence beyond your immediate programs. Identify a mentor who is capable and influential.

Live beyond your job
Restricting yourself to a job profile is a sign of sinking ship. Remember the job descriptions are the bare minimum expected and beginning point, Draw a larger picture and broaden your horizon. Your ability visualizes downstream and upstream activities help you to contribute more. Understand your boss and his boss if possible and try to add value.

Right helps you reach Altitude
Believe in the work you do and develop a positive approach towards work, it’s easier said than achieved. Management will have an eye on the people who are aligned to their vision and have a right attitude towards work. Ensure your surrounded people are taken into confidence and they are with you when you are in need. Take initiative which address the pains of others and you are the part of cross function team. You will get to meet people and put across your thoughts and shine better.

Become a resource
In this knowledge economy talent has lot more value than others. Acquiring knowledge needs systematic approach and a continued effort for long period of time. In this connected word accessibility of information is not a challenge Identify some of the peripheral area which may not be directly related to your job but your supervisors. Social media has more influence than anything today, participate and explore new avenues where you can influence people as subject matter expert.

Show Maturity & Confidence
Operating a level above will need a lot of maturity and hands on experience. Be aware of what is the latest trend and focus of the organization. Invest time and energy to understand larger picture and associate with people who can make use of you in such in large organization wide initiatives. Experience brings confidence and maturity wins the crowd.

Proactive and Volunteer
If you want to grow fast be active and start participating in all possible events and opportunity knocks your door. Volunteer for helping others participate in event organizing. This help you to get connected to someone who is beyond your boss and business domain. Try to be visible and go extra mile genuinely,artificiality can take to an extent but not where you want to be.

Balance Life and Growth
Remember there is nothing called a top or final point in Professional life. It’s a journey; here change is constant, one who embraces the change makes it to fullest.

Finally growth is important but not everything. You need to be watchful what cost you are paying for it.Balancing professional and personal life is very important, Celebration is part of the journey and thanking people who contributed to your success is important. This includes team members to family members who stood for you during difficult time.



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