Digital Photography


Off late every one is a photographer, thanks to mobile technology. That do not stop any one to become a professional photographer, its a special skill one  can acquire and practice over the years to become a complete pro in it. There are many technique and tricks one has to learn to take a perfect picture and become a professional photographer. This course is will walk you through all aspect of basic digital photography.

What will i be after this course ?

You will have a complete knowledge of Photography and start taking professional photo  and you are on the way to be a professional photographer

What this Course Covers ?

Introduction to Photography
Camera Basics
Point and Shoot Cameras
White Balance and Noise
Camera Setting
Camera Mobiles
Focus, Flash Light
Exposure Triangle, Aperture,ISO, Shutter.
Frames and Shooting Techniques
Indore and outdoor shooting
Recap and Quiz


Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Digital Photography 00:12:00
Camera Controls FREE 00:45:00
Common sizes of Photographic Plates 01:00:00
Section 2: Light Photography
Exposure and Rendering 00:30:00
First Camera Photography 00:22:00
Section 3: Conclusion
Future of Photography 00:20:00
Final Quiz for the course 00:10:00

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