Big Data Courses and its Opportunity

Recent internet and technological environment has created both wanted and unwanted situations. Big Data is one among such byproduct we will be dealing with for next decade for good.

What is Big Data for common man?

Big Data means a data which is really big, you can imagine size of a hard disk which is 10 times size of a cricket stadium.  Recent growth of technology, Internet, Social media , Search engine Google, FB and Twitters of the world are responsible for it .

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Big Data is too big data

Why did we create such Big data what is the use  ?

Source of the Big Data could be many like government regulations, traffic, stock exchange, employment, demographics of citizens. For  example when you login to your Face book account  it records  all  information like,  when you logged in, how long you have been surfing, what you did, what you saw etc,  everything gets recorded somewhere in the server, that is simple example of origin of big data.

How to handle Big Data, what is the technology ?

Now we have created such a massive data we need a technology to handle its Velocity, Verity and Volume normally called V3 to convert into information source. When you look at raw data it is not very useful, however if you are able to structure these data in to information using technology it will become a gold mine for large business houses and government .

Its humanly impossible to analyze or structure these data , So they built technologies and frameworks around it to understand and analyze such a data. Tools like Hadoop, Map Reduce, No SQL and few more frameworks have been developed to handle these data.

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Hadoop on Courses

How much Data scientist can earn and where ?

This recent phenomena has created a new terminology called “Data Scientist” the one who do research on data. Off late data science has become an attractive career for people who love numbers and statistics. All big names like IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Amazon are looking for these skill sets.

What role and How much I can earn ?

Designation could be anything to satisfy candidates like Big Data Consultant, Associate, Analyst to Architect. However the most attractive part is the pay, which is considerably high.  This can range from 35k to 180k monthly salary in Indian scenario. This is one among the most attractive and shortest way to reach  $100000 paycheck  sitting in India or anywhere else in the world.

How and Where to learn Big Data Courses

There are good online courses on Big data and Hadoop are available for a reasonable cost in our Trainings Tree platform itself. All major Training players conducting these courses you can search providers on I am sure there are plenty around you.

With this info I am closing my today’s blog..

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