6 Time Management Skills and Courses

 Time Management 

Time management skills are art of managing time and planning your activities so that it is completed in a limited time and resources effectively. Good time management skills helps people to manage works smarter than harder, so that you are able to product more in less time.

We feel we don’t have enough time so we keep postponing things  remember we all get the same 24 hours and some of them are able to achieve more in life then many of us ? . If you observe them you will notice that they use their time effectively, they keep things important and unimportant things and prioritise their work. Being busy may not be the being effective all the time

There are large number of Time management courses available online as well as offline which we have listed here for your benefit. You just need to search for course near your vicinity and enroll to learn the best secret of achievers. Remember time is the only thing you cant buy for money in this world.

6 Time Management Skills

Good time management skills should make a lot of difference when the time is limited and work is really heavy, at least we feel so . Knowing how to make effective use of your time can take what seems like an insurmountable project and turn it into a series of smaller, easily managed tasks. A Professional course of time management should help you to prioritize your work, find a good course and apply those techniques of time management to your project, you will see astonishing result.

Know where you are heading

Setting goals is extremely important in terms of eliminating any risk or potential for wasted time. The gut reaction is often to begin work straight away. By taking a moment to determine a direction in which focus efforts, however, the tasks at hand often become much clear. Setting targets, or goals along the path of your overall objective, clarifies processes and brings what may seem like a looming and difficult task further within your realm of control.


This is most important and first activity in a serious of time management skills , It is impossible to do everything once you have to make a list and give a priority to each task and timeline .When assigning priority consider all the factors  like  time needed , dependency, delay caused and interruptions from various aspect of project management.

Time management
Time management-picture credit Alex

Working smart is better than working hard, key to being a effective in your work goes beyond completing assigned tasks  and prioritizing helps to not to fall on the trap of easiest to hardest. Find professional time management training courses that  helps you to prioritise your activity

you need to create a 4 quadrant of tasks and prioritize them in this for


Scheduling is an art of allocating time to each activity and complete the task. it is very important to allocate time and says and work accordingly . Many people will have their schedule and favorite time to do some of the activity and they would be more productive during their comfortable time zone. Scheduling will help to avoid unnecessary procrastination

Create To-Do -List and Act

To-do list is the most handy tool to break the schedule into activity and great way to complete the task, A small peace of paper can do a real wonder to your time management if it is done in a consistent way. To do list will split all
tasks up into a list for each day and keep executing the task it will get cleared.

The benefits of to-do lists are many and include:

  1. Define key objectives and Focus energy on
  2. Keeps things on track and avoid delays
  3. Have Clean list of things you have achieved to show in a review
  4. Eliminate distraction and helps focusing


Every thing cannot be done by you alone, you will have to learn to delegate some of the work. Delegating is getting it done from others , however it needs a good planning and delegating skills to know what to delegate and when and to whom. Though it appears easy from outside if not applied properly delegation go wrong and you may not achieve the objective what you are set to. However if you are able to effectively delegate some of the work you are smart time management person.

Take a Break! but don’t Procrastinate

While the two are often confused as one, there’s a very real difference between relaxing and procrastinating. In fact procrastination is usually far from relaxing. Instead of facing a challenging task, many people work on other less important activities – all the while thinking about the big responsibility their avoiding. At times like this, a moment to relax or do a fun activity, such as playing  a video game or taking a walk, can give the mind a moment to recharge. Breaks are often rejuvenating, where procrastination can be mentally draining. Find a training in time management and learn how to make effective use of breaks and avoid procrastination.

Get Good Rest

Getting between 7-9 hours of sleep every evening will ensure that you’re bringing your best to work. Working on little sleep affects an individual’s ability to think clearly or function at high levels.  Sometimes the only way to guarantee quality work is to call it quits, get some sleep, and attack it with fresh energy in the morning.

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Some of the activities you can do to manage your time is

  1. Asking for a help from colleges and friends
  2. Complete more complex task in the morning and rest in the relaxed time
  3. Time management audit
  4. Avoid whats app and FB
  5. Acting instead of worrying and postponing
  6. Focusing on outcome
  7. Eliminate time waste , new papers Google
  8. Learn to Say NO
Hope you will implement these simple technique to save your time and chive more in less
Good Luck

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