The Complete CCNA & CCNP Labs Course 2018- Basic to Advanced


Complete guide for CCNA & CCNP students to Understand,Configure LAN,EIGRP,OSPF,BGP,IPv6 & NetworkServices on GNS3.


The Complete CCNA & CCNP Labs Course 2018- Basic to Advanced


CCNA and CCNP have grown to become most popular IT Networking Certifications in the world. Once you are CCNA certified , you will qualify for many other Cisco Certifications like CCNA Security, CCNA Voice, CCNP etc. Once you are in process of acquiring CCNA certification, you will gain lot of techincal knowledge and understanding on Cisco Routers, Switches , Routing Protocols , Switching etc. Once you are CCNA Certified then your chances of raise in level of job may increase- atleast it will give an extra boost to your career if this is mentioned in your CV.

CCNA has become a gateway to other networking streams as it explains fundamental concepts clearly. It is a prerequisite to other courses such as CCNP. These days Employers Prefer CISCO Certified Associates & Professionals. Students undergoing this certification course get technical understanding to handle the situations where high risk is involved e,g migrating an existing networking infrastructure or troubleshooting Intermittent connectivity which is causing slowness to company’s storage.

CCNP validates your ability to configure, design, troubleshoot Problems of IT infrastructure. CCNP Certificate gives confirmation that you’ve got the right knowledge, commitment, training, expertise required  to work remotely on highly critical network and Servers. You will know the flow, design networks, supervise in planning entire topology for big enterprise.

So you understood that Certification helps in getting Knowledge, Career Enhancement, Salary Increase, Promotion and mainly Job. However, To be able to stay in the job for long duration, you need to have practical and technical understanding on Real-Life issues. I’ve created this course to give actual deep level knowledge and expertise to operate Switches, routers, routing protocols such as OSPF, BGP, EIGRP,  Redistribution, IPv6, DHCP config on Cisco Routers( Total of 100 Labs). This is applicable for CCNA and CCNP students both. This course has CCNA Labs as well as CCNP Labs.

Content in this course can be used towards your CCNA. Topics such as IP addressing, subnetting and many others can be applied directly to passing your CCNA certification. I have designed this course for anyone wanting to learn more about networking and gain foundation and advanced knowledge, to help them embark on their networking career. The concepts taught in this course can be applied directly to multiple industry certifications including the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) , Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

Here is what you will get :-

  • LAN Switching – 30+ Lectures
  • EIGRP ( Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)- 16 Lectures
  • OSPF ( Open Shortest Path First) – 23 Lectures
  • BGP ( Border Gateway Protocol) –  27 Lectures
  • Network Services – 20 Lectures
  • IPv6 –                     12 Lectures

Total Lectures will be more than 130.

I assure you that you will become very good in dealing with network routing problems post completing this course. This course has in-depth details of the topics.

This is what people have to say about this course

Wallace Nelson – Great Video so far. Clear Teacher and instructional videos. I’m really enjoying it. Plus it gets right to the point! Not all the fluff that’s some of the other videos have.

Jose Antonio Alejos Bravo – Exelente con GNS3 se entiende todo =) , espero que NEXUS lo haga lo mismo

Adam Foots – It has lot of Labs and every lap has v important Information.

John Elliott -Very clear and precise. Also goes at a good pace. Thanks!!

It has rating of 4.7+ . If you have any question, Always post to me or in forum. I will try to jump on it as soon as possible. In case you are not happy with course- apply for refund with in 30 days time.

Who is the target audience?
  • CCNA , CCNP and Networking Aspirants should apply for this course
  • Students who want to learn Practical aspects of Routing Protocols should apply for this.
  • If you need to be knowledgeable in Networking, than this is the course for you!


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