How to get your kids to cooperate-even if they don’t want to


Avoid the shouting, threats, and bribes with these Emotionally Intelligent skills and boundaries – (toddler to teen).

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The top skills to get your children to listen and cooperate

How to get your kids to cooperate-even if they don’t want

“Since starting the course I can’t tell you how many times my children just listen to me without resistance” – A parent testimonial

And now with English, Spanish, Afrikaans and Nepali subtitles (Close Captions). This course is used in over 280 schools in South Africa and as part of the teacher training programs!

Have you ever wondered if there is a secret formula for getting your children to listen and cooperate with you?

How do some parents just make it look easy and their children are still so happy and cooperative?

How about knowing the formula that will save you up to and over 80 minutes of time per day, each and every day? (no tricks, no bribes, no threats, no hitting)

And now those secrets and that step by step formula are revealed in one easy to follow course!

If you want to be respectfully in charge and not just HOPE your children will change, if you want to consciously know how to unlock those power struggles and get that smile on their face, then this course is for you!

Simply watch and listen to the secrets that have transformed ordinary parents into empowered mom’s and dad’s who are getting great results every day!

No shortcuts, no ‘wishy washy’ unproven skills, no nonsense.

Just simple, proven and incredibly effective steps to boundaries, success and a smile back on YOUR face!


Give yourself a fresh start by enrolling in this life-changing course now.

Every moment you delay, not only do you lose out, but so does the future success of your child.

All future updates to this course are free – you are “locked-in” at the current price- but you will never pay more if you enroll today.

And there’s a 30 day absolutely no questions asked full money back guarantee – if you don’t get a breakthrough or don’t find value, then I didn’t do my job in supporting you right! This is my personal promise to you and your children! You really cannot lose!

In fact I am so confident that in what I teach that within the first 20 minutes you will learn a skill that will save you 20 minutes of time per day, everyday.

Who is the target audience?
  • Any parent, teacher, grandparent, aupair – anyone who works with or spends time with children.
  • Parents who want to save an extra hour of time and still get cooperation without threatening their children.
  • Parents who want to avoid shouting, bribing, threatening and feeling guilty about what is going on.
  • For beginner parents and especially for advanced parents as you will not find the depth and details of skills like these any where else.


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