Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making Course


Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making Course – Take charge of your health by making your own herbal medicine. Learn the core basics of using herbs for well being.



Herbalism :: Introduction & Medicine Making Course

Plants provide some of our most valuable medicine! The World Health Organization states that more than 80% of people on earth use herbs as their primary form of medicine. Discover this exceptional mode of healing and learn how you can incorporate herbs into your life for optimum health.

In this course, you will get a base understanding of what herbalism is and how it works. You’ll gain skills you can use for everyday life as well as a necessary foundation if you decide to dig deeper into the exploration of herbal medicine. By the end of the course you will be able to make several different types of herbal medicine that you can use for your health and wellbeing.

Making these remedies is really quite simple. And they are exceptionally effective. You will never find better quality herbal medicine than what you make yourself.

This course also covers core issues of herbalism such as safety
considerations, understanding how to identify herbal quality and the
sustainability of medicinal plants.

I know you’ll find this course truly empowering so join in learning about the healing power of plants.

Who is the target audience?
  • Those interested in preventative care as well as those interested in healing themselves and their loved ones.
  • Those interested in empowering their health and wellbing.
  • Those interested in herbalism and herbal medicine.


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