Financial Planning & Analysis: Building a Company’s Budget


Learn the Fundamental Mechanics of Financial Planning and Position Your Career for Success!



Financial Planning & Analysis: Building a Company’s Budget

  • You only need a desire to learn how to create a career path on your own. By learning to write and work on a personal development plan you will be on your way.

Often we leave our personal growth to chance. In this course I will talk to you about the importance of creating a personal development plan for focused growth. This practice can be used in your personal and professional life. Create your own career path!

This course was designed for leaders wanting to bridge current skill sets and future skills, for your prospective growth within a company. This course is divided into six individual sections. The section may include; lectures, quizzes, homework, and examples of draft development plans. The goal of this course is to enable leaders to easily generate a development plan for their career path.

After the course is completed, you should be able to:

·Understand the importance of creating your own written development plan

·Do detective work for a plan

·Understand the sections included in a written development plan

·Learn types of skills sets and how people learn

·Create a list of current strengths and future skills

·Create and write a plan for yourself

· Understand Deadlines/Timelines

·Understand the importance of a mentor or coach

The course is work at your own pace and has open discussions. If you want a step-by-step process for helping grow your career this is the course for you.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in personal development


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