List of Good Leadership Skills and how to develop them?

What makes a Good Leaders ?

What makes a good leaders is a subject of debate, at the end, leader is the one who has  ability to drive effectively and get the things done.

However defining a leader is bit difficult as  different leaders have completely different characteristics and methods, still they are successful in their mission.

In fact there is no single formula to be Good leader, there is no defined way to lead in all circumstances. Good leaders are highly flexible and adoptable to the situation, in other words flexibility and adaptability to  changing circumstances are two great qualities commonly seen in good leaders.

Leadership skills are heavily required by employers because they involve engaging with people in a way that motivates them, encourages them, and creates respect.

leadership skills and how to learn leadership skills
Leadership Skills


Leadership is a complex subject, in our Trainings Tree blogs we have written many good articles on Leadership, Leadership skills. For the benefit of our large learning audience we have connected many good source of Leadership Books, Leadership Courses. One can make use of these resource to further develop their personality.


 What Is Leadership ?

In a way leaders are called leaders because of their quality of leadership and not because of their position. Leaders have credibility and they attract people to follow them because of their credible personality trait. Best example for good leadership in recent days is India prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi with few hundred million followers. Politics apart he is the real leader whom people adore for his quality and try to inculcate his preaching in life. That is what the real leadership is all about. Leaders take up responsibility and lead by example in every available social, professional and even personal events.  No matter what is the situation, real leaders comes up with innovative solution and takes up the charge and owns it up.

It is not that we can see great leadership in professional or political environment only, in fact you will see real leaders in every walks of life for example :

When you are organizing a family get together or events like marriage and social community gathering, some people owns up completely and lead by example, they are the leaders.

You can also see such people is social events like fund raising money for social cause , there you would see some people are so passionate about the cause and will work for the cause and lead by example


In other words, leadership skills may exhibited by situation who may not be well qualified. Leaders are not always appointed authority it can be voluntary as well and could be seen in every situations of life.

Leadership development

 Many people do wondered if leadership can really be taught. People with exclusive and optimistic interests (academics, those who offer leadership training or some kind of literature) are convinced that this is possible. But many successful leaders have not received any formal education. For them, leadership is a state of mind, personalities and characteristics that make them successful leaders.

It is clear that there is a balance between these two positions.

There is no doubt that some people are more attracted to leading roles than others. However, it would be absurd to propose – although this has been pointed out in the past – since only persons with specific personality or personality traits are in a position to do so. For example, it has clearly proved to be male or tall does not make himself a better leader even though many leaders are male and tall.


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Leadership seems to require some skills. Some people will get it more easily than others. You can of course learn effective leadership skills and practices, but your ability to apply it yourself may require a variety of skills and attitudes. The question is “Can leadership be taught?”

It does not have a simple answer and we do not want to support one or the other. We keep an open mind on the subject and provide information about the skills needed.

Style of leadership

 One of the most important aspects of leadership is that not all leaders are the same. Of course we have all heard the jokes about the leadership of the mushrooms (keep them in the dark and feed them with the manure) and “gulls” (wipe, swirl and let the unpleasant things to the people) but joking there are many different styles of leadership.

Different Leadership Skills are suited to different people and different circumstances and the best leaders learn to use a wide variety of styles.

There are many different models of leadership, but perhaps one of the most well-known are Daniel Goleman’s Six Styles Leadership. This is almost certainly one of the models that are more heavily rooted in research, which may explain some of its popularity.

Our Six types of  Leadership Style page states that Goleman has identified six styles, which he wrote:

  • Force or command – do ‘as I say’
  • Authoritative – ‘come and follow me’
  • Democrat -” what do you think? “

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