FAQ for Learners

How TrainingsTree Helps me as a Learner?

TrainingsTree is a unique Discovery and marketplace for Courses. We help Learners in
1. Finding a provider in their vicinity
2. Join courses and workshops in a click
3. Learn Online/Offline
4 To take informed decision on learning (counseling)

What are the advantage in buying/ Enrolling Courses through TrainingsTree ?

Our objective is to make learning process simple , Apart from giving information on courses and providers we also help you get the best for the least and many more…

1. Discounts /coupons will help you learn more for less (check with us before you buy a course we will guide you)

2. We provide support to the transaction carried out on our platform, in case changes, cancellation we will be your one point contact to ensure you get what you paid for.

3. We guide you in many ways, before, during and after the course duration.

4. Will act as a one point contact and we redirect you to right people in case of external provider.

5. Many providers offer huge discounts on their course we will keep you update or guide you when to buy a course . This will help you to plan your training and budget better.

6. You can review courses and course providers, this empowers you as a consumer and  also helps training provider to grow .

Who are the course providers On Trainings Tree

This is a course market place like Amazon or eBay for all other products. Many training providers have exhibited their profile. They also take enrollment for regular courses and workshops .

How can I enroll for a course ?

It’s very simple

1. Select Course

2. See the Course details /Curriculum

3. Look for Online/Class room options

4. Take Course (make payment)

5. If it is online you will get course access

6. If it is class room/event/workshop  respective provider will connect you back and guide you.

I see many Courses are linked to other site why?

This is a market place of courses; training providers could exhibit their course profile on Trainings Tree platform on different mode. It’s their choice to host the course on TT platform or link, in both the case they are our partners and we ensure you get what you paid for.

Normally those who have all the infrastructure on online learning and technology, host their courses on their own server, in such cases we link you to them. If a small and medium player who do not have all the infra to host their own course will host on TT . In both cases learners will not have any difference except one extra login?

When I make payment how do you ensure courses are delivered to me?

We take utmost care for every course enrollment on our platform; We ensure you get what you paid for. You can connect us for any discrepancy or technical problems  we will ensure smooth transaction.

Can I book Classroom training In Trainings Tree?

Yes you can , Courses are from national and international players. Mode of learning could be Online or Classroom,  nature of course could be long or weekend workshop. Currently there are  500+ courses  are available for students on TT we are adding more and more daily. Course description will have all information required to join a course

Course Price are in Indian Rs but it takes me to $ site!? How do I make payment in such case?

We are a global platform, we have links to many national and international course sources. Normally international course are online e learning mode. Once you choose such courses it will take you to respective provider and you will have to make payment on their currency. Whatever shown on the course label here on TT is  approximate conversation value of respective currencies. Some time they would have offered sales for a certain duration in such cases you will see some difference.

I see in some course price shown on the courses and actual price paid is different Why?

Training providers keep offering discounts for certain duration, There may be delay in updating prices in few cases. However we do our best to keep prices are up-to-date. It is also could be due to currency rate fluctuations as it is $ approximation.

How can I buy courses from Indian Providers ?

Many Indian course providers sell course here, The process of enrolling for course remains same, here you can pay through Indian Rs.

Where do I get coupon code for discounts?

Many course providers offer discount for promotion . Coupon codes will be available for such courses,  normally discount offered through coupons ranges from  25% to 90 % . We keep sharing emails and subscribe to our mail to get latest update.  We are here to help you write to us at [email protected] cc to [email protected], we normally respond in 24 hours time.

When do I review a training Provider?

If you have attended any training courses we encourage you to review them on TT.  Reviews will help both students as well as training provider and empowers learning experience. Create a login and go to specific provider and review them which will help them to grow. We encourage you be responsible and objective.

How many courses can I Enroll ?

You can enroll as many courses as you want. However we recommend you to take one after the other for better learning.

Do I get a certificate after finishing the course?

It depends on the course and Training Provider.  You need to check before enrolling .

How many seats are available for one course?

For online courses there is no limit . In case of workshops and classroom training there will be a limit, you need check before enrolling.

FAQ For Training Providers

We want to build our Training profile how do we do ?

Its a five minutes process

See this video link  http://trainingstree.com/elearning/how-it-works/how-to-build-trainers-profile/


Just send us your Basic details highlighting your expertise to [email protected] with subject ” Trainers Profile” we will guide you .You only need to tell us what service you like and  make payment accordingly.

What courses we can sell here, How do we create a course in Trainings Tree?

Creating course is very simple here on Trainings Tree  if you are a first timer we suggest you to connect our team  we will hand hold you .

This is a course market place you can sell any course from mobile to music , technology to trekking.  Any one who are good in any subject say ERP, Photography, Cooking, Mobile etc teach online, or take enrollment for their workshops.

We reach out to all kind of learners and trainers , our business is to reach out , your service will be visible to those who are looking for your course.

Our focus is Quality over Quantity and we are very particular about simplifying learning process to our large global learning community.

What is the Qualification to create course?

Knowledge! There is no pre qualification defined however you should be good in subject and should be able to articulate your teaching on the video clearly and impressively.

How does a typical TrainingsTree course look like?

A typical course has 1-2 hours of content, with a minimum requirement of at least 25 mins of content and 65% video content.

Are there any cost associated with creating a course on TrainingsTree?

Yes there is a small yearly subscription  fee to create a course and we charge small % on the course sold.

AM I Free to price my course?

Yes you are free to price your course, however courses those are priced between Rs 500 to 5000 sells online more .

How long are students able to access my course?

Once your course is purchased, students will have access to all course materials indefinitely just like an on-demand channel! Unless specifically specified.

How do you promote my course?

We are present in 50 cities in India we will be reaching soon 100 global cities. We are focused players connect learners in different channel is a smart way. Trainings Tree do everything to promote the entire course to potential learners. We promote through social media, email marketing and seminars workshops and many more ways. Once you create course you become our partner to promote our platform.

Connect us for any help Akash 9663352410 or [email protected]